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Story of Al Noor Fibreglass Company LLC-The Best Fiberglass Suppliers in UAE

Since 2002, AL NOOR has been one of the UAE's major suppliers of fiberglass and fiberglass products. We supply our products to a variety of sectors in the UAE and around the Middle East. We've taken on several large-scale projects in recent years and completed them on schedule and to a high standard, earning us praise from a variety of organizations both at home and abroad.All steps in the fiberglass composites making process, i.e., installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance, are all handled and monitored to the highest quality standards. We are the best fiberglass suppliers in UAE. We make fiberglass planter pots, Fiberglass materials and fiberglass doors… and supply them all over the UAE.

Our company is incorporated with group of Engineers, Quality Control Staff and Qualified Technicians. Our Products are reaching to all the customers’ satisfactions and without delays nor difficulty. Our main target is to keep our Valued Customers always satisfied and provide them the best possible service.AL NOOR provides value-added services for customers, including design, drawing, fabrication, and installation, in addition to manufacturing a full set of fiberglass products. Corrosion resistance, slip resistance, impact resistance, lightweight, excellent ergonomics, ease of installation, and extended, low-maintenance life cycles are just a few of the advantages of AL NOOR fiberglass products.

fiberglass Sculptures in uae
Fiberglass company in uae

Quality GRP Fiberglass Products For All Industries!

Al Noor Fibreglass Company LLC-Best Suppliers Of Fiberglass Products All Over the UAE

We have differentiated ourselves in the market by constantly updating our products range and improving quality and service to meet the needs of our customers.

We Produce Different Types of Fiberglass Products Such as: Planter Boxes,GRP Roof Sheet, Garbage Chute, Benching Manholes, Water Meter Cabinet, Fiberglass Delivery boxes, Sediment Buckets, Sanitary Items such as shower tray, bath tub.....
  • GRP Hot Pressed Panel Tank (Non-Insulated & Insulated Type) made in Korea
  • Benching Manholes
  • Sediment Buckets
  • Shuttering Moulds
  • Liner
  • Lining for concrete water tanks, sewerage tanks, metal tanks, manholes & sump pits
  • Sanitary Items such as shower tray, bath tub, etc.
  • Septic, Chemical, Diesel, Filtered Water Tanks, etc.
  • Water Meter Cabinet
  • Parts of Vehicles
  • Grease Trap Covers
  • Ladders (Cat Ladder type, Box type Ladder & Rung type Ladder & Pultruded type)
  • Kiosks
  • Canopies, Column, Panels, etc.
  • Planter Boxes
  • GRP Roof Sheet
  • Garbage Chute
  • A/C Trays, Cable Trays, etc
  • Empost Boxes/Food Delivery Boxes
  • And other Decorative Items, etc.
Our Main Company Al Noor Fibre Glass Co. LLC (UAQ) have also added an activities of the following scope of works:
  • Sand Blasting
  • Surface preparation by GRIT Blasting
  • Painting work to be executed by using Industrial paints (Synthetic Enamels, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Heat resisted paints, Fire retreated paints, etc.)
  • Floor Painting & Structural Steel Painting at site
Office Address
  • P.O.Box: 236541, Dubai, U.A.E
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